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Question: How long did it take you to get past the beginner phase?

The other day someone asked me “How long did it take you to get past the beginner phase?”

They went onto ask how long I thought it might take them to get as good as me – or at least good enough to get decent photographs.

So, I answered their question: 2-3yrs. It took me…

Surfs up - September 12th 2011

2-3yrs to get past the beginner phase. However, it took my sisters (who learnt directly from me) about 6 months.

Doesn’t that sound crazy?! How did it take my two sisters just 6 months to get to a competent level, when it took me 2-3yrs?

Good question…

End of the Day

No… it wasn’t the equipment, because we all use the same equipment.

Well, the bonus was, they had was me… I had spent 2-3yrs translating technical jargon and putting it into practice.

That is why it took me so long. No one could explain photography to me simply. They would talk about theory and what the camera does, but they didn’t tell me what to do.

Half the time I was confused, because books and magazines all wrote about the technical aspects of photography, not what to do, to take a good photograph. 

I wanted to know how, NOT why, when, who, what etc…

So when my sisters wanted some help, and wanted to understand how to take beautiful photographs, I simply took the technical jargon and filtered it for them. I explained what they needed to do.

Don’t get confused here… it isn’t that I didn’t explain the technical aspects of photography, but I explained first how they could get stunning photographs.

From then on they were at a level where they could find their own unique style and experiment further, because they had a foundation. 

Once they knew how to take beautiful photographs, THEN they began to pick up the technical terms, and understand the mechanics of photography.

It’s a bit like learning to drive… you get taught how to drive by a parent, or instructor.

Once you’ve learnt how to drive, you pass a test, and then after that you may learn about the mechanics of the car, how it works etc.

But learning about the mechanics of your car isn’t going to help you pass your driving test… only active practice teaches… which is exactly what I did with my sisters.

Even now, my sisters are better hands on than talking about photography mechanics… but which one is important? The skill of being able to talk about the mechanics, or the skill of being able to take breathtaking photographs?

You tell me… which would you rather be able to do? I opted for breathtaking photographs and my sisters did too…

So if you want to know how to take just breathtaking photographs in as little time as 6 months, take on my challenge for you…

Take on my challenge for you…

Buy Photography Tips eBook – it is just what you need. If you are serious about being a good photographer this eBook is an essential item.

There isn’t really any reason as to why you shouldn’t buy it unless you are content to be an OK photographer…

Start your journey today with photography, who knows where you might go with it…

Buy Photography Tips eBook and trust me, you will feel like I am standing next to you, holding your hand throughout this learning process.

I cannot wait to see your results, I know they’re going to be great!

Until next time… Happy Snapping!

Olivia Bell

Ps. here is the link to Photography Tips eBook again.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn directly from me. http://www.thebellsisters.com/collections/ebook/products/photography-tips-ebook-by-olivia-bell 

My 20 Minute Jump Photoshoot

After completing my 365 Project, I set myself a new challenge…

I started  my rather daunting 100 Jumps Project, which I felt would push my creativity to its limits to really make each jump individual.

In the back of my mind, I also have the challenge of doing a self-portrait jump, so this 100 Jumps Project, could in a way, feel harder than my 365 Project

Jump #5 in 20 Minutes

I am having a lot of fun with this 100 Jumps Project and I am loving the challenge of composition, creativity and all the other photographic challenges which come with photography…

Today, we did Jump #5 in 20 minutes… not intentional, but pretty cool.

We made a quick decision to go out to this flax field (which is on its way to harvest “stage” as it is now very brown).

We left at 9.40AM, drove to the flax field, walked to the particular spot I had in mind, positioned ourselves and did the jump etc… we got back at 10.03AM

Jumping to the Sunshine - Jump #5


Total Time + Ratio of Photographs

Total time: 23 minutes start to finish (including journey, aprox 5 minutes).

Total amount of photographs: 80

Total worthy of processing/uploading: 6

Total to be uploaded: 1

Additional information…

For my Jump Project I am typically using the Canon EOS 1D Mark III due to its fantastic ability to take 10 frames per second.

My rough estimate is that a jump is about 1 second long, so for every “jump” I take roughly 10 frames (photographs). Sometimes 12 depending on how long I hold down the trigger.

So today I almost got 1 photograph for every jump attempt.


Working with Time

One of the many important things with photography is time.

I think 80% of photography is time sensitive. One of the hardest things is learning not to let time pressure you, while still being able to work under time-pressure.

Although we did have more free time than just 20 minutes, why prolong a photo-shoot when you know you’ve got the photograph you set out to get?

Something I got very good at during my 365 Project was working my 365 photograph, into my day, without taking up too much time. As the 365 project was every day, I couldn’t let it take up my entire morning, afternoon etc – this would make it entirely too difficult.

Although there were days when it did take a lot more time than usual, but those days were out of choice.

One of the questions I regularly get is:-

“How do (did) you find time to do your photograph every day?”

My answer

The more you do the more skilled you become at photography, and the less time it takes.

But you have to put in the time, to be able to minimise your time, like I did today.


How do I get “good”?

Although a 365 Project is difficult, and many find, hard to commit to, it pays off.

My 365 Project completely transformed my photographic knowledge and skill, and I don’t believe I would know what I know if I had not done it.

I could learn what I have learnt, but it definitely would have taken me longer than 1 year.

That doesn’t mean to say you have to do a 365 Project to be good. But it is definitely a quick way to do that.

I say quick, because a 1 year is really a short amount of time to drastically improve your skill, you also create a huge portfolio in a short space of time. I know many 365 Projects have also been the beginning of bigger things. Another bonus!

The biggest bonus is that you get hugely better at photography. I don’t think I know, or have seen any 365 project that has not improved during the year.

So it really is something to consider if you want to get serious about photography.


Other Projects

If a 365 Project is just far too overwhelming, then a short “full on” project is a great idea.

For example, if it’s summer you could very easily do a “My Summer Days” project which could mean taking a photograph every day from the first day of Summer to the first day of Autumn.

Just because a project hasn’t been created and done by others, doesn’t mean you can’t do it!

Your new Motto

Whatever you do, the most important thing is: commitment.

Without commitment, you won’t get very far.

With commitment, you will go a long way, any athlete will tell you that, because that is essentially their motto and it most certainly applies everything in life – including photography.

Get to know “Manual Mode” on your DSLR

This is another one of the things I really recommend doing.

“Manual Mode” gives you ultimate control over the result of your photograph and will quickly improve your photography.

If you don’t know where to begin, read my Photography Tips eBook.

Photography Tips eBook is a beginner and amateur guide to photography, your DSLR and more importantly “Manual Mode”.

Inside Photography Tips eBook you will find me. I talk you through everything I know and have learnt, as if you were standing beside me and I was teaching you.

Start Today – Buy Photography Tips eBook

Photography Tips by Olivia Bell

Photography Tips by Olivia Bell

The last thing I need to mention is the start.

Have you ever celebrated a new year, and set yourself a New Years resolution?

Many do… but 95% of people give up a few weeks into January. Some don’t even start their new goal (resolution).

Are you part of the other 5%? Are you going to start, and complete your goal to improve your photography?

I don’t start anything I can’t finish – and I set myself pretty big goals.

How do I complete my goals? Well the first thing I do is start.

Then I take baby-steps.

No matter how difficult my goal is, I keep taking small steps. I won’t stop trying, if I do that, the goal becomes 10x harder.

If I don’t know what step to take I ask someone who is more knowledgeable than I am.

So if you are trying to improve your photography, make sure you

Send me an Email anytime.

start your goal, then take baby-steps… and if you get stuck and don’t know what to do, email me.

Starting is the hardest bit. Once you’ve done that, the next step is easier, and the next step… and the next step.

Photography Tips eBook

Start Today! Buy my Photography Tips eBook.

I look forward to hearing how you go, and receiving your emails and questions!

Until next time… Happy Snapping!

– Olivia Bell

Do You Want To Improve Your Photography?

I recently bought a book called, The 4-Hour Body. If you haven’t read it, I definitely recommend it.

Today I was reading it, and had some thoughts, which prompted me to write this.

One part of the book which stuck out, was a chapter about people not doing anything.

The book discusses people taking on something new, with a go-getter attitude, only to give up at the first hurdle, or when things get difficult and uncomfortable.

It really is so easy to give up, but if you don’t give up, the results can be amazing. It isn’t always easy, but it is always, worthwhile.

I’m the kind of girl who goes after what she wants. I try to never let doubt, or worry hold me back.

When I have a “ugh” moment (don’t we all?!), I push through it, because I know the results will feel fantastic.

So, I have a question for you; Are you wanting to improve your photography?

If you are, then I recommend taking advantage of my knowledge and reading Photography Tips eBook.

I have spent over 3yrs glued to a DSLR, and have spent the last year doing a 365 Project, so I literally was glued to it – every day.

So are you ready for a new challenge? Ready to push yourself a little as I love to do myself? 

If you are, go to Photography Tips eBook page now.

Until next time… keep snapping!

Olivia Bell

Ps. here I am with my 365 Project Book - the result of my go-getting attitude!

The Background… why I wrote Photography Tips eBook for you.

For those who have recently signed up to preview my eBookPhotography Tips  I hope you are enjoying it.

Here’s a little bit of background on it and why I wrote it…

I’m passionate about photography and making it easy to understand and master. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

My goal with Photography Tips eBook was to help anyone wanting to learn and master photography.

When I first started taking photography seriously and I wanted to improve my photography, I found it constantly confusing! 

I would read magazine articles, books and talk to professionals, only to be left confused… every time.

It was all so technical. All I really wanted was to know how to take a good photograph!

So my goal for this eBook is to help beginners and amateurs understand photography, easily. 

I explain simply, what I do, why I do what I do, and why it is better.

If you don’t like my photography, then this eBook isn’t for you! Because this eBook isn’t a generic “Photography Tips” eBook. I teach you what I do!

If you want a highly technical eBook, this Photography Tips eBook isn’t for you!

There are 100’s of technical books out there, just go to Amazon, or any local bookstore and you won’t be sorry.

However what I wanted, and couldn’t find, was a simple guide to photography.

No, not a “dummy” guide! But a hands-on, how-to, eBook.

This eBook will teach you a lot, but in SIMPLE words for better understanding of photography.

After understanding the basics then you can go on to read 100’s of technical books, but if you’re like me, and get easily overwhelmed, don’t read them until you feel confident enough!

Until next time… keep snapping!

Olivia Bell

Photography Tips eBook by Olivia Bell