My Lightroom Journey (Rainbow Lightroom Preset)

When I first started using Lightroom I found it very difficult, and would close the programme many times out of pure frustration.
Do you know what I mean? Sometimes something is so annoying you just have to quit what you’re doing and walk away… hoping that something will change when you come back to it.
I didn’t really know what I was doing, but whatever it was, I knew it wasn’t right. It was seriously ugly!  So I would use the default Lightroom Presets to try and get some decent results – but still no luck.
I can honestly say I’ve never hated Lightroom so much… but somehow, and don’t ask me how… I kept going. Call it stupidity, or madness… but I continued to try and use Lightroom to create beautiful post-processing.
Hours, and hours and hours of practising turned into weeks and months of using it and I began to “get it”. Do you know what I mean when I say I had a lightbulb moment?  Well that’s kind of what happened. Somehow all the hours I put into Lightroom finally paid off and I began to see the result I was aiming for all those months ago.
A few years on and Lightroom is just a dream to use. If I know of a photographer who doesn’t use it, I do my best to convince them to give it a go!
I absolutely LOVE Lightroom. I love the feeling of opening it, and importing new photographs to process – I get excited every time I open it now, instead of utter dread because I know the results will be… well, to put it politely, horrible!

My Newest Outcome – Rainbow Lightroom Preset

 So quite a number of years later I want to share with you, my newest Lightroom Preset.
In case you didn’t know, after huge demand for Lightroom Presets, I share and sell my processing techniques as Lightroom Presets on The Bell Sisters:

Meet “Rainbow”

All of my Lightroom skill and knowledge has gone into my very, BRAND new Ligthroom Preset Pack called “Rainbow”:-

It has been absolutely incredible – processing my dull coloured photographs has been a blast! It’s such fun to see how dramatically you can process your photographs if you do it correctly.
Here are my newest before and after results. If you use Lightroom, then I highly recommend looking at Rainbow Lightroom Preset to see if it will help you and your photographic processing.


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